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St Croix Condo Guide

We’ve created a chart of St Croix condos, the number of units, bedrooms, monthly fees, pet policies, and amenities available at each condominium community.

Please note the following details are based on generally-available information and should be verified directly with the specific Condo Association in case of recent updates. 
Amenities: B=Beach, G=Golf, GN=Generator, L=Laundry, P=Pool, R=Restaurant, SV=Sea View, T=Tennis Court

Name#UnitsBedroomsPets?Est Fees/MoWaterfront?Amenities
Bay Gardens861,2N$300NP,SV
Candle Reef I212,3Y (Cats)$1,200YP,T,B,SV
Candle Reef II182,3N$1,000YGN,P,T,B,SV
Carambola Saman Villas392,3Y$1,200NP,T,G,R
Carambola Sweet Lime Villas102,3N$1,200NP,T,G,R
Carambola Sweet Lime Village402,3Y$1,200NP,T,G,R
Carden Beach202,3Y$1,200YGN,P,T,B,R
Club St. Croix541,2N$300-550YP,T,B,R,SV
Coakley Bay1002,3Y$700NP,SV,R
Colony Cove602N$1,000YP,T,B,SV
Coral Princess241,2N$450YP,SV
Cruzan Princess341,2N$400-500YP,B,SV
Fort Augusta261,2,3Y$175-250+INS.NP,SV
Gentle Winds662,3Y$1,000YP,T,B,SV
Good Hope901,2,3,4Y$215NP,T
Granada del Mar362,3N$700YP,T,B,SV
Harbour Beach181N$400YP,B,SV
Kirkegade Jus82,3,4Y$225-505NGN,SV
Little Reef9E,1,2N$200NP,SV
Long Reef84E,1,2N$200-500NP,SV
Maison de Poincy131,2Ybased on sq. ft.NP
Mill Harbour862,3N$800-980YP,T,B,R,SV
Pelican Cove472,3N$1,500YP,B,SV
Southgate Plantation202,3Y$415NP
Questa Verde831,2,3Y$450-550NP,SV
Schooner Bay622,3N$700-825NP,T,SV
Southgate Courtyard241N$595NP
St. Croix by the Sea1321N$600YP,T,SV
Sugar Beach471,2,3,4N$700YB,SV
Sunset Beach101,2Y$400-500YB,SV
The Reef1011,2N$900NG,GN,P,SV
Villa Madeleine431,2N$1,150NP,T,SV,B,R

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